Crystal Healing Course In Dubai

Crystal healing in Dubai is becoming more and more popular in Dubai. People who are into healing work like tarot card reading, reiki healing, pranic healing, energy work, etc are also using healing stones and crystals as a therapy crystal healing course in Dubai. Crystals have been known for their healing properties since ages.

Any healer or therapist or even people who seek healing for their problems should take a crystal healing course in Dubai or take crystal healing. It is always better to learn to work with crystals for oneself because by learning crystal healing Dubai, you have the power to do healing work for yourself and others.

Crystal healing is a part of energy work that a Reiki expert or energy worker can do for his client. Working with healing crystals is a very relaxing and divine experience if you want to take a crystal healing session. At Sangeeta Healing Temples , we sell and provide crystal healing, crystal healing courses, healing stones and much more.

How Does Healing Crystal Work?

Healing crystals are chosen by the healer or the client as per the need of the person’s issue. The crystals can be used in various forms and shapes. Crystals can be used as lockets to wear around the neck, crystal malas, crystal bracelets, crystal balls, etc. These days there are a lot of crystal shapes easily available.

The best way to use a crystal healing course in Dubai is by eating a healing crystal bracelet by the person. First, the crystal healer will diagnose the issue based on chakra imbalances in the body. Generally, crystals are used to balance the chakras and do chakra healing in Dubai with crystals.

A good Reiki Healer in Dubai will scan the chakras and find out the blocked chakra of the person. Accordingly, a chakra stone in Dubai will be selected by the healer for the person. Sometimes the person will be asked to wear the crystal mala or crystal bracelet or sometimes carrying the crystal along with you is a good idea.

The healing stones crystal will be carefully chosen and before it is used for the client, crystals have to be energized, cleansed, and programmed. The best way to program a crystal is to hold it in your palms and give it the intention that you want to use it for. The crystal will pick up the intention and work on the vibration of the person and his intention.

Best Crystal Healing's example,

If the person is suffering from depression, I at Sangeeta Healing Temples will pick up a tiger eye stone bracelet or a pendant for the person to wear. The bracelet has to be put in rock salt water overnight on a full moon night in a glass bowl. Then it is taken out the next day, and washed under the running water. Crystal Healing In Dubai can very easily cure a person of anxiety and depression forever.

Then the crystal healing work will be started after the washing of the crystal or the stone. It is then programmed to heal the depression of the person. One has to say a positive affirmation in the present tense. For example, say” You are being programmed for my mental, and emotional well-being and I am free from depression.”

Then the person affected can wear the charge bracelet in his or her hands. The crystal is preferably worn on the left hand of the person. The crystal bracelet needs cleansing, energizing, and programming every month on a full moon day. The tiger stone bracelet will start showing the effects within two to three days of wearing it. The Crystal Healing Dubai will give a person a lot of relief and serenity.

Crystal Healing Course Dubai can be learned by anyone for himself and others in three to four hours. You do not require prior knowledge or expertise of any healing modality before learning crystal healing. The Crystal healing courses in Dubai can be learned online also on a video call.

Crystal healing in Dubai works on subtle energy

Crystal healing in Dubai works on subtle energy channels. Healing CrystalsDubai exudes a wavelength or frequency of energy that uplifts the user’s energy. These subtle channels are called Nadis. Nadis are energy carriers. This energy passes on to the required energy center called the chakras. Chakras in turn pass on the positive vibrational frequency to the impacted body part. Thus healing it. Crystal healing Course in Dubai can make your healing very fast.

Crystal Healing Dubai masters are passionate about stones and crystal therapy. They are gifted with a sense of intuition that allows them to do healing work with their clients. We at Sangeeta Healing Temples work with healers, tarot card readers, pranic healers, etc to teach them the art of crystal healing in  Dubai.

Process For Crystal Healing

Sometimes the person does not want to wear the crystal on his or her body. Then we do a crystal healing Dubai session on his body by laying out crystals on his chakras and the impacted body part. The person is made to lie down after discussing his issue to be healed. Then the crystal healer starts working on the various levels of healing on the client.

The first thing to do in a Crystal Healing Dubai is to clean the aura and the chakras of the client after scanning. It is done by a crystal healing wand which has seven chakra energies in it. The healer rotates the wand over each of the chakras 7 to 8 times in an anticlockwise direction. This process takes out the blockages. Crystal healing in Dubai uses a lot of cleansing of chakras by using crystal wands that are made up of seven chakra stones.

After the Crystal Healing in Dubai Session?

Crystal Healing in Dubai

After the crystal healing in Dubai session, the client is offered crystal-charged water which increases the potency of the healing session. This charged water is called crystal elixir. It is prepared by putting water and crystal in the full moonlight. The moonlight emits a healing frequency on that day and it makes the crystals and the water very sacred and increases the potency.

The next day this water can be drunk by the patient, or crystal elixir can be sprayed in the whole house to take out all the negativity from all the corners of the house. This crystal elixir or you can call it love potion, used to be prepared by gipsies in the past to make a person’s love life enriching and beautiful. The crystal used for healing relationship issues and love life is called rose quartz. Crystal Healing Dubai makes a person rejuvenated and happy as if he has had a good sleep.


Healing Crystals's Experience

Working with healing crystals in Dubai is a very relaxing experience. If a person gets attracted to crystals and stones, then the power of crystals can bring about major changes in the life of the person. The crystals are here to heal not just one person but the whole planet. The crystal energy is all the time increasing the vibrational levels of Mother Earth healing its children..

Once you fall in love with Crystal Healing Dubai, there is no looking back. The crystals befriend you forever and keep coming into your life frequently. Either someone will gift you or you will come across an interesting crystal shop that pulls you towards it. It is as if the crystals ate, luring you into a journey of passion for stones. This will create a big transformation in your life. They say you do not choose a crystal, a crystal chooses you.

Once a crystal chooses you, you become a very privileged person. Crystal Healing Dubai offers a unique opportunity for everyone to connect to the healing crystals’ energies. These crystals stay in your life forever. Crystals become your friends and you can not resist them. Wherever you go, they will follow you. Crystal Healing Dubai is a very chance to connect to the loving energies of the crystals.


In Crystal Healing Dubai, if you learn crystal healing, you will be very powerfully connected to earth’s energies because the Crystal Healing Course in Dubai is sure a way to receive the most beautiful and powerful energies of healing crystal in Dubai

Crystals are available all across the globe. Crystal healing can aid the person’s physical healing also. For example, if a person has high blood pressure or has heart-related issues, rose quartz crystals can come to the rescue of the patient. The Crystal Healing Dubai will cleanse the aura of the person. Rose quartz crystal if worn around the heart in the form of a mala will decrease the high pressure of the blood. Rose quartz crystal Healing Dubai will increase self-love in a person. Make crystals your friends by learning Crystal Healing in Dubai.

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