reiki healing in dubai

Reiki Healing in Dubai

Unlock Your Inner Peace with Reiki Healing in Dubai

Reiki healing is a very popular and effective modality for healing your mind, body and soul.
Even allopathic doctors have started recommending reiki healing Dubai to be taken alongwith traditional medicines. Reiki healing works very fast for a patient’s times when modern medicines are not working , reiki healing can have a miraculous recovery for the patient.

How Reiki Healing Dubai Helps a patient who is sick?

Reiki healing works on a subtle level of the body. Our physical body consists of an energy body too. Every cell and tissue is made of very small molecules and atoms which are vibrating and sending energy signals. If a cell is sick , its energy and vibration will change. Reiki energy has a higher vibration that will fix the lower vibration of the damaged cell of the organ.

A sick person when he receives reiki energy by a reiki healer In Dubai or outside trained by Sangeeta Healing Temples’ reiki therapists , the energy of reiki goes to the damaged chakras connected to that part of the body and heals the chakra first and then heals the physical body also.

How Can Reiki Healing Dubai Help with Workplace Stress and Anxiety?

These days people’s experience can also be done for people at work whenever they are in stress or work pressure.
Reiki healers trained from Sangeeta Healing Temples can give distant reiki healing to the concerned person who is facing a challenging and stressful situation at work. Reiki will alleviate the mood and heal the crown and third eye chakra of the person very effectively.

A person under stressful conditions can just close his or her eyes for 15 minutes and the reiki therapist will send this distant healing energy to that person In his or her Dubai office . This will not only relax the person but also create a positivity in his mind which will enable him to work efficiently.
Reiki healing workshop In Dubai, it can be arranged for office going people where they can also learn reiki training and reiki therapy for themselves and their family.

This healing modality releases stress, calms down the mind, and fixes any negative thought.
It changes the brain’s thinking patterns as well. If Reiki self healing is practiced for 21 days , the person transforms into a very powerful , confident person who can contribute to his organisation .

The Energetic Connection to Stress:

Reiki healing in Dubai works by clearing these blockages, allowing energy to flow freely, and reducing the impact of stressors.

Reiki is a very effective stress buster for teachers, students, parents, office goers, professionals, and homemakers too.

These days, everybody, including a small kid, complains of being in pressure. This comes from the kind of lifestyle that we are into. In modern times, there is more pressure on mental work than physical work. Machines have replaced human beings. Human beings are constantly working with electromagnetic radiation that is extremely harmful . This is the source of stress, tension, and mental diseases.

Reiki healing Dubai can fix this problem very easily . A person or reiki healer trained at Sangeeta Healing Temples very compassionately works with our reiki clients in Dubai.

We set up a mutual time for our reiki sessions and send the healing to that person. A combination of Reiki healing Dubai and Reiki meditation Dubai will release all mental and emotional trauma, leaving you relaxed, happy, peaceful, and ready to go out and work with the next level of zeal and excitement.

Reiki Healing in Dubai

A Calm Mindset with Reiki Energy Healer’s Reiki session

It is worth your while to explore reiki healing sessions with a groomed and trained reiki healing in Dubai who will de-stress you. By incorporating Reiki into your routine, you can cultivate a more composed and centred mindset, even in the midst of work-related challenges.

Enhanced Resilience

Regular Reiki sessions can boost your resilience to stressors. By addressing imbalances in the energy system, Reiki helps you build a stronger foundation to cope with any kind of workplace pressures. This newfound resilience can lead to improved focus, creativity, and problem-solving abilities.A person can awaken new energies of self motivation and empowerment and enhance creativity and work output.

How to Practise Reiki in Dubai for Stress and Anxiety Relief?

A Reiki grandmaster  from our reiki institute will train and develop you in becoming a proficient reiki healer in Dubai. You will become a Reiki practitioner who specialises in stress and anxiety relief for yourself and others.

Initial Consultation

  • During your first session, discuss your specific stress triggers and concerns with the reiki teacher and grandmaster.then the reiki teacher will explain the theory part of the reiki workshop.
  • The reiki teacher will work on opening your chakras and do a chakra healing meditation. All this will be done remotely on a video call.
  • The reiki grandmaster will initiate you through the reiki attunement into becoming a reiki healer in Dubai yourself.
  • You will learn in depth about chakras and their connection to the physical body and mind.
  • Next is learning how to heal yourself with reiki after the attunement is done. Reiki attunement for reiki level 1 connects you to this spiritual energy flow in the body through the crown chakra or top of the head.
  • This energy flows down to third eye chakra, then throat chakra, then heart chakra and finally to your palm chakras.

Relaxation and Energy Flow

You Lie down or sit comfortably as per your convenience. You let reiki healing energy flow into every chakra gently through your reiki hands as we call them after doing a reiki level 1 attunement.

21 days of Reiki healing in Dubai

Reiki is most effective when practised regularly. Consider scheduling a time daily for yourself in a quiet and serene place for optimal results.

Reiki Healing a Must for Every Household

I seriously recommend every individual on this planet to take a reiki healing course. It is easy to learn reiki in two days. You can very easily become a very powerful healer for your family. You can help family members whenever they are in pain or in a stressful condition. Even children of 10 years can easily learn reiki.


Reiki healing courses in Dubai can help you live a spiritually, mentally, physically and sincerely a really upbeat and satisfying life. Reiki healing is for everybody. It goes past the boundaries of caste, creed, or religion. Reiki healing in Dubai is Universal. Everyone has the right to access this divine energy and the supreme intelligence is ready to support you in every way. You can make your life easy and comfortable by undergoing the reiki training in Dubai. One can learn this course online also. The logic behind the Reiki online course is that it is a non physical way of treatment. Reiki energy can travel anywhere in the world and heal people. Reiki is a non-invasive form of healing working on chakras in a vibrational manner. Many people call it vibrational medicine or energy medicine. Reiki healers Dubai can vouch for its benefits.

Discover how Reiki healing Dubai can transform your work life by alleviating stress and anxiety. This article explores the benefits, techniques, and FAQs surrounding this ancient practice.

FAQs about Reiki Healing in Dubai for Workplace Stress

A typical Reiki session lasts about half an hour to one. You can also give yourself more time . You can do reiki healing in Dubai twice a day also. The problem areas that you have like cervical, diabetes, stress, sleeplessness, anxiety etc will require slightly more time to become better.

While scientific research on Reiki is ongoing, many individuals report significant stress reduction after undergoing regular sessions. Doctors and scientists are now themselves recommending reiki healing courses and taking reiki classes for their patients. We at reiki healing Dubai by Sangeeta Healing Temples have trained many doctors, scientists, people from the government, and people from the police department for reiki healing.

Reiki is a complementary therapy and should not replace medical treatment. It can, however, work alongside traditional treatments to enhance overall well-being. We do not recommend anyone stop their medical treatment, but it is noticed that reiki, along with traditional methods of healing, works fantastically. 

Yes, Reiki reduces the side effects of medicines. It will speed up the recovery of the patient.ated with hypnosis.

Types Of Sessions Our Reiki Healing Offer:

In Person

You'll meet with your practitioner live and in person


Your pratitioner will speak with you on your cell phone or landline

Video Call

You'll meet via video call on Skype, Zoom, or similar software.

Via Email

Your practitioner will work with you via email or chat messages.