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Sangeeta Gupta is a Reiki Grandmaster and a Law of Attraction and Money Mantra coach for the past 30 years. She has been actively contributing to society through her work with corporate organizations, school and college students, housewives and professionals in various fields. 

She has helped them transform themselves and overcome the challenges related to money inflow, health, harmony in relationships, anxiety, depression and subconscious fears. She has clients from all over the world including royal families and famous personalities. She understands and respects the privacy of her clients and maintains client-therapist confidentiality under the code of ethics.

Training And Certificates

✅Reiki Grandmastership under William Haw (Internationally Renowned Reiki Grandmaster).

✅Course In Hypnosis From California Hypnosis Institute.

✅Advanced Hypnosis And Past Life Regression From Tasso Institute.

✅Vipassna Meditation. 


She has been awarded the ‘Good Karma’ award in 2017 by the Speaking Tree, The Times of India

Workshops Delivered

The Airport Authority of India   


Life Positive Magazine

Macmillan Solutions

Educational Institutions Like Amity College And Rukmani Devi Public School

Media Coverage

Covered by Hindustan Times, The Times of India, Life Positive, Pioneer, The Financial Express, The Mid Day. 

Talk on Spirituality Covered By Focus TV.

Panelist In A Show (Meditation And Power of Subconscious Mind) on DD News.

Sangeeta Healing Temples

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Healing courses

Money Mantra

money mantra is a course of spiritual law of making money...

Healing courses

Reiki Workshops All Levels

The human body is an amazing machine that combines many processes...

Healing courses

Karuna Reiki 1. 2, Master Level

spiritual healing technique does more than you might just think...

Healing courses

Hypnotherapy Sessions For All

We all have seen hypnosis in movies, but people have a hard time...

Healing courses

Past Life Regression

At our institute one can learn past life regression...


Tarot Reading

tarot reading is the ability to perceive the energy ...


Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is becoming a way of life today...


Professional Healer

Sangeeta Gupta is seen as a realized Spiritual Master...

Sangeeta Healing Temples

Find Healing Courses Near You

Introduction: Healing comes in many forms. Whether you’re looking to heal your body, mind or spirit, there are a variety of holistic healing courses that can provide you with the skills and knowledge to become a healer. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top spiritual and energy healing courses available near you.

Spiritual healing works on healing the soul and spirit through practices like meditation, prayer, ritual and energy healing. Excellent for those looking to connect to something greater than themselves or serve others through spiritual healing. Top courses include Usui Reiki, Pranic Healing and Angelic Energy Healing.

Energy healing uses the body’s energy fields to promote balance and flow in your body. Modalities like Qigong, Pranic Healing and Therapeutic Touch focus on unblocking and channeling energy to facilitate healing. Great for developing “energy sensitivity” and healing yourself or others.

Meditation is foundational to many healing and spiritual practices. Learning meditation can help calm the mind, become more present and tune into energy. Try courses in Mindfulness Meditation, Mantra Meditation or Transcendental Meditation from providers like Sangeeta Healing Temples.

Sangeeta Healing Temples

Benefits OF Healing

Studying healing enables you to heal yourself from the inside out. You can reduce stress, release blockages, connect to your true self and find inner peace. Additionally, you can help heal others once you’ve learned these modalities. Healing courses allow you to find your life’s deeper meaning.

At Sangeeta Healing Temples, we understand that healing is a holistic process, encompassing the mind, body, and soul. Our courses are designed to cater to your specific needs and aspirations. They will help you find relief from physical ailments, emotional turbulence, and spiritual stagnation. Our experienced instructors will provide you with personalized guidance to ensure you gain the most from your healing journey.

Sangeeta Healing Temples

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Sangeeta Healing Temples

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Sangeeta Healing Temples

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Sangeeta Healing Temples

What Our Client Says

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