Tarot Card Reading Course

Tarot Card Reading Course in USA

For those looking to become tarot card readers, taking a comprehensive course is the best way to build skills and knowledge. Across the USA, in-person classroom courses provide focused tarot training under the guidance of experienced teachers. Hands-on practice sharpens interpretation and reading techniques.

Overview of In-Person Courses

In-person tarot reading courses in the USA generally run for 2-3 months with 1-2 classes per week. Small groups ensure personalized instruction. Step-by-step lessons cover tarot history, card meanings, spreads, ethics, reading style, and more.

With tarot decks in hand, you’ll learn proper handling through shuffling, cutting the deck, and assembling spreads. Testing your interpretation skills begins with 3-card spreads before advancing to complex layouts. Sample readings with fellow students act as final assessments.

Structure of In-Person Classes

A tarot course follows a structured progression to develop key skills over time. First, you’ll memorize all 78 card meanings, symbols, and archetypes. Recognizing upright and reversed positions is also covered.

Next, you’ll combine cards into practice spreads to hone interpretation abilities. Simple past, present, future spreads build a narrative reading foundation. Finally, multifaceted spreads prepare you for advanced reading.

Benefits of In-Person Training

For dedicated tarot students, in-person training is highly beneficial. Being able to ask questions and get feedback in real-time accelerates learning. Handling physical decks also helps you tune into their energy.

The classroom environment provides motivation to regularly practice techniques under instructor supervision. Quality in-person courses will refine your tarot skills for insightful reading.

Tarot Card Reading Online Course in USA

In addition to in-person training, online tarot card reading courses make certification accessible across the USA. With flexible virtual classes, you can gain tarot knowledge on your own schedule. Here’s an overview of online tarot courses.

Content of Online Courses

Comprehensive online tarot courses cover the same key topics as in-person classes through video lessons. You’ll learn upright and reversed meanings for all 78 cards. Exercises teach interpreting combinations of cards in spreads.

Practice reading activities, discussion forums, and access to mentor tarot readers provide hands-on experience. Quizzes test your knowledge of card meanings and reading principles.

Benefits of Online Training

The main advantages of online tarot courses are flexibility, affordability, and self-paced learning. On your schedule, you can access video lessons and study materials for certification. Without commuting, you save time and money.

The ability to replay lessons and work at your own pace improves retention. Online training provides a flexible foundation before pursuing advanced in-person instruction.