Tarot Card Readers in Rohini

Tarot card reading has grown in popularity as people seek greater self-awareness and guidance. Rohini, a major residential hub in North West Delhi, is home to many talented tarot card readers. In this article, we’ll explore who tarot readers are, what to ask them, their charges, and introduce one of the best tarot card readers in Rohini.

Who are tarot card readers?

Tarot card readers are professionals who interpret tarot cards for clients looking for insights. They use tarot decks, containing 78 cards with symbolic images and archetypal meanings. Tarot readers combine intuition with knowledge of tarot meanings to provide new perspectives. Some see tarot reading as connecting to one’s higher self or collective unconscious.

Tarot card readers undergo training to effectively read cards for others. Experienced readers develop their own interpretations and reading style over time. Good tarot readers are insightful, compassionate, and guided by intuition during sessions. Their goal is to offer clarity, direction, and support through tarot guidance.

What to Ask a Tarot Card Reader

Some common questions people bring to tarot card readings include:

While specific questions are okay, open-ended questions give readers flexibility to reveal core issues and meaningful guidance. Skilled tarot readers help you find your own solutions rather than fortune-telling.

How Much Does a Tarot Card Reading Cost?

Tarot reading rates vary based on the reader’s skill and location. In Rohini, most readers charge Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000 per session. Beginners may charge less, highly skilled readers charge higher rates.

The average tarot reading in Rohini costs Rs. 700 to Rs. 1500. Rates also depend on session length, from 20 minutes to an hour. Some tarot readers offer discounted packages for multiple readings.

When pricing services, tarot readers consider their overheads and the value of their time and talent. However, good readers aim to make sessions affordable while earning a livelihood. Discounts or flexible rates are often provided for regular or struggling clients.

Sangeeta - Best Tarot Card Reader in Rohini

One of the most gifted tarot card readers near Rohini is Sangeeta. She provides readings out of Sangeeta’s Healing Temple in Pitampura, Delhi.

With over 15 years of experience, Sangeeta is a master tarot reader and healer. Her insightful, empowering readings focus on spiritual growth and self-realization. Sangeeta also offers reiki, crystal healing, and cartomancy.

Sangeeta gains deep clarity through her intuitive tarot readings. She identifies inner blocks and provides guidance to overcome challenges. Sangeeta’s compassionate approach and wisdom offer clients direction and renewed hope.

For relationship guidance, career direction, or life purpose, Sangeeta can illuminate your path ahead. Book a tarot reading session with Sangeeta at Sangeeta’s Healing Temple to unlock your greatest potential.


Tarot reading provides a reflective glimpse within. In Rohini, experienced readers like Sangeeta of Sangeeta’s Healing Temple offer thoughtful tarot guidance. With an open mindset, tarot can reveal helpful new perspectives and possibilities for your path ahead.