Reiki Healing Course

Reiki Healing Course in Model Town

Welcome to Sangeeta Healing Temples. We are proud to offer authentic Reiki training in Model Town, a vibrant neighbourhood in North Delhi. Learn the Japanese art of Reiki healing in a peaceful oasis right in the energetic heart of the city.

Model Town perfectly balances Delhi’s fast-paced urban energy with serene green spaces. The area is known for its wide roads, lush gardens, and architectural beauty. Our Reiki center is nestled on a quiet side street, providing a perfect retreat for your Reiki journey. Just steps from the bustling city, our center feels worlds away.

Inside our Model Town facility, you’ll discover a warm, welcoming environment ideal for Reiki learning. Our classes are kept small for personalized attention from our experienced Reiki masters. We teach all levels of Usui Reiki in a supportive, nurturing atmosphere.

Reiki Healing Online Course in Model Town

For residents of Model Town interested in learning Reiki healing, Sangeeta Healing Temples now offers a convenient online Reiki certification course. Sangeeta Healing Temples is a renowned Reiki school with experienced teachers guiding students through interactive video lessons. The online course covers Reiki history, hand positions, self-healing, and treating others virtually or in-person. Attunements open energy channels for healing. Students gain proficiency in giving Reiki treatments for relaxation and pain relief. By learning at your own pace at home, you can become a Reiki Master without commuting. Sangeeta Healing Temples’ online Reiki course helps you bring the therapeutic benefits of Reiki into your life and community.


Reiki Course Levels

In just one day, you’ll be attuned to channel Reiki energy. Learn the history and hand positions to treat yourself and others.

Go deeper into your practice by learning the sacred Reiki symbols. Send Reiki over distances, amplify energy, and more.

Take your training to the advanced level and become qualified to teach others. Learn attunement processes to pass on Reiki abilities.

Each level builds upon the last to lead you step-by-step into mastery of this profound healing art. Our skilled Reiki Masters provide insights and guidance each step of the way.

Why Learn Reiki?

Reiki works holistically to support overall wellness. Benefits can include:

Experience Reiki in Model Town

Allow the transformative energy of Reiki to awaken your natural healing abilities. Model Town provides the perfect setting to learn this Japanese art of gentle healing. Sangeeta Healing Temples guides students of all levels on their Reiki journeys in the heart of Delhi.

Enroll in a course or private session to get started with Reiki. Let the warmth and wisdom of our teachers empower you on your wellness path. Discover how Reiki can help you find greater balance, vitality, and inner peace.