Become a world renowned Reiki healer and Reiki grandmaster by learning reiki course

You can learn reiki healing course in a period of two days at Sangeeta Healing Temples. Reiki Classes were started by Reiki 

grandmaster Sangeeta Gupta. Sangeetaji started teaching reiki at a tender age of 25. It has been more than 30 years of reiki training and reiki teaching . Thousands of reiki students have taken reiki attunements under her guidance and expertise. She teaches the traditional form of Reiki levels as per the traddition of guru Dr. Usui ji. 

As you all know Reiki healing travelled from Japan under the mentorship of Dr. Usui and his disciple Dr. hayashi took it further. Mrs. Takata attuned 22 reiki grandmasters and it travelled to India.

Today many of our reiki students have gained name and fame and teaching reiki healing all across the world.

Reiki Level 1 Content

Intoduction to rei ki

History of reiki

Reiki Principles

Chakras, chakra sounds, chakra colours, chakra affirmations and chakra meditation

Mind and body connection with reiki

Reiki energy manifestation

Reiki attunement for Reiki Level 1

Self healing with reiki 3 minute process, all chakra healing with reiki music 3 minute reiki music.

Reiki self healing process in Reiki healing course

The process of reiki self healing begins by invoking the reiki angels, reiki guides and Gods. After saying a prayer of gratitude, you will rub your reiki hands to activate the chakras of the palm , then you do reiki healing by placing your palms on each of the chakra. You let reiki energy flow to each chakra, beginning with the crown chakra. Crown chakra will connect you to higher consciousness of reiki energy.Then you remove one palm slowly from the crown chakra and move slowly to third eye chakra . You put one hand in front and another at the back of the head and give energy healing for 3 minutes to 5 five minute on third eye chakra. it will increase your intuition.

Similarly, you will move down to the throat chakra for three minutes of reiki healing by placing your hands on the front of your throat and back of your release lot of thyroid issues. Reiki healing will help the communication centre get activated . people who have self expression issues in life and are unable to communicate with people start getting throat chakra active and in turn, they experience creativity and powerful communication skills. This reiki healing course will activate all the chakras and work on good energy levels in daily life.

 Next chakra to get healed is the heart chakra center, situated in the middle of your chest. Gently place your reiki hands there and allow gentle reiki energy to flow. This heart centre reiki energy healing for 3 minutes will go to physical heart and lungs. This can heal high blood pressure and heart related issues. The gentle reiki touch heals all the organs and makes them get their normal energies back. Reiki healing course work on deep spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. Lots of people have reported healing relationship issues by working on the heart chakra through reiki energy healing.

Next Chakra to heal with reiki healing is the solar chakra which is the power center of life force energy called Rei- ki

Similarly you keep giving reiki healing to sacral chakra in the reiki healing course , then moving on to the root chakra. Then in the end you give thanks to your reiki angels, reikigods and guides who helped you in healing with divine reiki healing.¯